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More Skills

Post by Dreamslayer on Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:33 pm

Skills with a dash next to them are those available when just signing up.

Iksar Shaman

-Poison Bolt:
Fires a dart of poison at the enemy, inflicting damage on a successful hit and poisoning the target.

Increases your characters natural mana regeneration rate.

Afflicts the enemy with lethargy, slowing its attacks and movements, while causing damage to the target.

-Tagar's Insects:
Summons a swarm of insects to overcome enemies, causing damage and distracting them for a time.

-Minor Healing:
Restores some health to allies nearby.

Poison Weapons:
Taints the shaman's weapon with poison, causing additional damage to your enemy on successful hits. As the skill rank rises Damage and duration of the Enchantment increase. At higher skill ranks, the poison effect will be granted to the weapons of nearby friends.

-Summon Badger:
Summons a spirit servant in the form of a badger to serve the shaman.

Spirit Shield:
Surrounds the shaman in an aura that protects against attacks.

Pus Storm:
Summons a rain of virulent, fluid discharge causing damage to those in the area of effect.

Giant Growth:
Increases the size of the shaman. Making him stronger and able to cause greater damage in combat.

Planar Wind:
Conjures a great gust of wind in front of the shaman, knocking enemies back and causing damage.

Immobilizes an enemy for a short period of time. Higher skill ranks will increases its duration and number and the number of creatures your character can root, and decreases the chances for an enemy to break free prematurely.

Vah Shir Berserker

Knocks back enemies close to the berserker, causing damage.

-Summon Axe:
Creates a stack of throwing axes for the berserker. High skill ranks increase the number of axes created.

-Blood Lust:
The berserker is able to focus his attacks for greater damage while sacrificing some defense. Can only be used once per Topic.

-Critical Hit:
Allows your character to strike at an enemies vital areas easier, causing more pain and damage with each attack. Can only be used once per Topic.

Fire Axe:
Enchants one of your character's axes to deliver a fire attack against an enemy. As the spell rank rises, the fire damage caused increases.

Improves your ability to avoid ranged attacks. Your chance to dodge a ranged attack rises with each skill rank.

Berserker Rage: When the berserker's chance of living falls below 25%, he slips into a frenzied rage that boosts his ability to damage enemies for a short time.

Riposte allows your character to redirect damage against him or her back at the enemy. As the skill rank rises, so does the chance for your character to riposte an attack and the damage your character causes to the enemy.

-Dual Wield
Dual Wield will allow your character to wield a weapon of appropriate size in each hand and to attack with both. Damage caused by each weapon is slightly lower while dual wielding. As your character’s skill rank rises, his or her effectiveness and damage will improve.

Cyclone is a spin attack that can damage enemies on all sides of your character. Higher skill ranks offer increased damage, more revolutions in your character’s spin, and you have better maneuverability during the move.

-Battle Cry
Rallies allies who are nearby, increasing their ability to damage enemies.

Cold Axe:
Enchants one of your character's axes to deliver a cold attack against an enemy. As the spell rank rises, the cold damage caused increases.


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