How to Role Play

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How to Role Play

Post by Dreamslayer on Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:36 pm

Here i will demonstrate how to Role play effectively and correctly.

Ok So this will be a Basic Person to Person Conversation. After which i will post a person vs monster, and a Person vs Person.

1st Poster

John walked down the forested path in Faydark he spotted a couple of his friends. A light breeze past over him as he approached, "Hello, what are you doing?" He asked his friend Joe, who appeared to be practicing some sort movements in practice. John took a step back for safety reason and looked at him with a grin, and then turned to watch as two Elven warriors past by deep in conversation.

2nd Poster.

Joe was practicing some sword movements as John approached, he saw him take a step back and stopped swinging it around he didn't have a very good grip on it so he decided to be careful and not let his friend get killed. "Practicing what does it look like I'm doing?" He asked in a sarcastic tone. "Hmm, what do you say we go and hunt some Goblins?" He asked as he too saw the elven guards walk by. "You coming or Not?" Joe Asked as he ran off towards the thicker Forest.

1st Poster

John quickly ran to catch up with Joe. Suddenly an Arrow ripped through his light jacket he had worn, he didn't think he would be in a fight and quickly stopped and dashed in a zig-zag pattern to avoid more arrows. "To the Left!" He shouted to Joe pointing where the archer was.

As you can see here It is now the Monsters turn to post, so the second poster would have to wait for the monster to post. Lets say that the first poster had to go now though, to avoid strange Role-Playing, you simply put (()) where you are talking about things not in the topic, so for Instance...((I have to go now Dinner Laters.))

Monsters Post

The Goblin Archer Pulled an arrow from his quiver and aimed for Joe's head taking careful aim he loosed the arrow drawing another arrow in preparation for his next attack. Taking a couple of Jumps backwards also to avoid close range combat.

2nd poster

Joe saw his time, "Charge!" He said activating the Skill charge allowing him to run up and attempt to body slam the Goblin. He charged with extreme speed holding his blade point forward to attempt to stab him in the gut as he body slammed.

Monsters Post

The goblin saw no exit, screaming in fear and pain as the sword slid into his gut and the body smashed against his. Once Joe had pulled his sword out the monster fell forward dropping the bow he had his quiver empty.

((The monster is now Dead.)) - Indication that the monster has died, if that doesn't happen the monster still lives and is attempting a fake out. Since the Monster has Dropped his bow you may pick it up but not all monsters drop bows they may also drop skill points to allow a new skill.

3rd Poster

"Not So fast there..." A Man said who was standing behind a Tree. Stepping out from behind with a large double handed sword in his hands he looked at the two adventurers before him, a smirk slid across his face as he headed towards them spinning his sword, then he lunged at John his blade moving in quick movements to block or attack.

This Post will be an Example of Powerplaying... and God Modding THIS IS WHAT YOU DONT DO.

1st poster

John's eyes grew wide as the man lunged at him, using his sword he deflected a few attacks while making a few of his own. He saw the sword coming up from below attempting to hit him in the groin. Swinging his sword to smack away the other sword he drew his small knife and embedded it into the mans skull watching the blood flow.


John's eyes grew wide as the man lunged at him, using his sword he deflected a few attacks while making a few of his own. He knew an attack would come at every possible moment and held his sword tightly to prepare to parry the other mans attack. The man was a far better swords man then he and John cried out, "JOE HELP!" He exclaimed begging for help.

2nd Poster

Joe Ran over to help his friend, throwing the spear he now had in his hand at the Attacker, "Im Coming!" He shouted running at him as fast he could without tripping. The spear flew straight and true as he prepared to strike with his own sword. "DIE Scum!" He said once close enough.

3rd Poster.

The man caught the spear in his hand and spun it unable to use his larger blade he held the spear and spun it in his hands swinging around. Ducking to avoid Joe's attack he kicked upward while at the same time striking downward with his spear to stab John, he grinned evishly.

1st Poster

As the Spear slammed into his body he coughed and fell. Looking up at the sun as the last of his life drained from his body.

2nd Poster

The kick sent him flying he let out a grunt in pain watching his friend John die he screamed and ran, running as fast he could to get away from the man. Once out of sight he fell down and wept for his friend.

And thats Pretty Much it, Any questions feel free to PM me or another Mod.
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