Available Ranged Weapons

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Available Ranged Weapons

Post by Dreamslayer on Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:43 pm

These are Ranged Weapons that you can start off with, or can be dropped by another person or monster.
**Note You do not need arrows..you have a full supply at all times, unless someone indicates that they have burned your quiver.**

Short Bow:
A simple bow that is light weight making it easy to carry around.

Long Bow:
A more powerful bow then the average short bow, it is more powerful and able to punch through some types of armour while the short bow cannot as easily

A throwing Axe, easily move-able, must be retrieved after each use.

Throwing Knives:
A few simple knives used to throw at an enemy, can carry around 10, must be retrieved after each use.

Sling Shot:
A wooden weapon that is strapped with a springy rope, used to hurl stones at high speeds.


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