Character Death Renewal Service

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Character Death Renewal Service

Post by Dreamslayer on Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:49 pm

Due to the request of several members and after some consideration, we have decided to create a Committee to study the eventual creation of a new character by members that lost theirs.
The Committee itself will have all the mods and adm, and they can discuss the criteria about the new creation but the final choice will hang over me, of course i the mods intervene positively over a member then that will be taken in to consideration.

Now on to the renewal criteria for approval, they are:

-veterancy, how long the member as been here, but have in mind the impact off what your characters death could bring,

-activity, the members activeness we don't want a member creating a character if he was or is inactive,

-personality, the way member behaves with in the forum and with the members, mods and adm's, and obviously the number of verbal warnings and bans the user was given.

-RPing skills, the better the member RP the better are the chances off getting a new character, the way he writes, the way RP in general and the RP in battles and spars and doesn't godmod.

-way of dying, it's exactly what it sounds like, this will also be taken in to account, we don't want thinks like, "One day i was walking trough the road then suddenly i fell forward and my eye landed on a fork that was standing up straight, killing me." there needs to be something reasonable and coherent, no stupid deaths, like killing oneself and asking for a good old buddy to kill his characters with out fighting back, or if you wake up one day and think you are in the mood to kill your character just for the "fun" off it.

So these are basically the criteria that we will have in mind, post your request here when and if your character dies but don't "kill it" madly because you might not get to redo a new character, also if this Committee is abused by members the number of renewal will be limited to a certain number and could even lead to the relinquishment off the Committee.


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