Available Classes

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Available Classes

Post by Dreamslayer on Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:57 pm

To Start off we have Seven classes to choose from but you may also make your own in the Class Creation Section of the Forum

Iksar Shaman:
Iksar Shamans are Bipedal Lizards who tap the spirit world to cast spells. They can wear full armour and use most weapons. Iksar shaman are skilled in both melee and spell casting.

Alignment: Neutral Bad

Vah Shir Berserker:
Focused more on Dealing damage than avoiding it, the berserker is a powerful but reckless combatant. They specialize in throwing axes.

Alignment: Good - Neutral

Barbarian Warrior:
A physically powerful character, the barbarian warrior tends to bring the battle to the enemies, and has many abilities that aid in melee combat.

Alignment: Good

Wood Elf Ranger:
Agile, strong, and deadly with both melee and ranged weapons especially bow, the wood elf ranger also has access to some magical abilities.

Alignment: Good

High Elf Cleric:
Wise and adept at invoking the powers of the gods for healing, protection, and attack, the high elf cleric is also a skilled combatant with a particular affinity for blunt weapons

Alignment: Good

Erudite Wizard:
Possessing great intelligence the erudite wizard is not as skilling in hand-to-hand combat, but more than makes up for this shortfall with a devastating arsenal of magical abilitys.

Alignment: Neutral - Good

Dark Elf Shadowknight:
Strong and cunning the dark elf shadowknight brings combat prowess and skill with dark magic together in a powerful combination.

Alignment: Neutral - Bad

Cowardly creatures who usually hunt and fight in groups. They are weak in magic but there are rare shamans among them.

Alignment: Bad

Brute-like monsters. These ugly foes are physically strong and few magical abilities. They have many powerful weapon abilities.

Alignment: Bad

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