Buki Yushi (Not finished)

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Buki Yushi (Not finished)

Post by Buki on Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:33 pm

Name:Buki Yushi


Occupation: Wander





Personality: A calm, pacient person he is lazy, sleeps half the time and is gullable he docent talk much will help out anyone who needs it.

-Minor Healing:
Restores some health to allies nearby.

-Poison Bolt:
Fires a dart of poison at the enemy, inflicting damage on a successful hit and poisoning the target

Planar Wind:
Conjures a great gust of wind in front of the wizard, knocking enemies back and causing damage.

Weapon Melee:
A small light weight weapon used mostly to parry other weapons. Even so it can be a deadly combat weapon. Average Blade Length:12 Inches, Width: 1 inch

A simple Wooden Rod that can be used to help in magical Attacks or defend oneself. Length: 2 Feet.

Weapon Ranged:

Shield Type:

Leather Armour:
A lightweight armour, used for swift traveling can protect the user from some things, but not many, manly used for swift and quiet movement.

Background Story: Where Buki was born is not known

Role Play Sample:

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Re: Buki Yushi (Not finished)

Post by Dreamslayer on Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:25 pm

Before you continue you may want to know that Being fifteen leaves you more open to better swordsman ship. So the better you use your weapon the more likely it is going to be percived as godmodding. Just to let you know.


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