Aasinar of TruthPlane

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Aasinar of TruthPlane

Post by Arconnian NoonLight on Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:53 pm


Strength: Abilities reigning from devine heritage, not just devine channeling.
Psudo-normal human bodies. Perma-active aura ability. Advantage against demonic enemies.

Weaknesses: Not as adaptable as normal races. Slower mastery of skills and abilities. Disadvantage against shadow based enemies.

Looks: White skin. An aura of light follows them, causing metal they touch to shine also. Sometimes have body parts similar to goats, tigers, eagles, and deer. I.e head of goat. Body parts such as wings and claws are not as effective for Aasanar as the real -animal.

Description: Aasanar were originally half-animal beings that served the aasimar, Angelic human champions, after they had descended to the heavens. During a great war, all of the aasimar were called to a great battle, that eventually ended their race. The aasanar were released from their work, even though they actually kind of liked it, and roamed the mortal world. Over long generations they mated with humans and other races eventually adapting to thei way of life and certain physical traits, though animal parts sometimes show themselves in the more pure descendants.
Though mating with other races did happen, they were mostly humans and high elves that held the children of the aasinar.

-Armor Mastery: Through generations of work, the aasinar created armors fit for the champions that were the aasimar. These crafts were not forgotten and nearly all aasinar that were in close relation with each other knows of their secrets. They can craft specialty armors from nearly any material and know how to wield them.

-Blessing: Food touched by aasimar becomes blessed , giving it properties of healing. This is not fast healing, but can someone on a diet of this can heal from injuries in a week or two that would normally take a month and a half.

Banishment: The highest of the Aasinar abilities. The ability to banish a creature of evil to enternal damnation. The creature is struck and explodes in a cloud of fire that is the portal to Hell. Usable once per year.

Full Form Release: Temporarily sends an Aasinar back to their ancestral form. Nearly doubling to tripling their power, usable every 4 topics.

Smite: Usable twice per encounter. Allows an Aasinar to channel their enternal energies into a metalic weapon. A smite does a burst of energy through the weapon and temporarily knocks an enemy out. To evil energies this will burn them as if their body was inflamed.

-Strike of Ram ( Usable by Half Rams ) - A charging attack usable once per encounter. The strike is normal in power, but is faster than usual and the range of the attack is as if the Aasinar was a giant.

-Tiger Stipes: ( Usable by Half Tigers) - A ground stryke attack usable once per encounter. The stike is normal in power, but hits the ground, sending thin blades through the earth, reach slightly out of the ground. These swirl around the user leaving lines in their wake on the ground, but nearly invisible to the human eye.

-Eagle's perch: ( Usable by Half Eagles ) - A anti air attack usable thrice per encounter. The strike is normal in power, but shoots out a stream of holy energy that travels through the air, bending like a snake, homing in on an enemy.

-Deer's sanctuary: ( Usable by Half Deer ) - An ability used when an aasinar meditates. The user can choose to create a small pocket demension that can lead them back to where they call home or can close and re open in the same spot. Usable infinantly but takes a few minutes of meditation to activate.

-Holy Armor will protect your character by absorbing a percentage of hit point damage taken from enemy attacks and converting it into damage subtracted from your character’s mana points instead.

-Blinding Light bathes an enemy in dazzlingly bright light, causing initial damage and possibly confusion as well. Additional enemies near the target may also be affected. The light clings to the target for a period of time while continuing to cause damage. As the skill rank rises, the initial damage caused, subsequent damage, duration of the effect, and the area of effect increase.

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Re: Aasinar of TruthPlane

Post by Dreamslayer on Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:59 pm

Holy Armour and Blinding Light need to be added to the list along w/ their descriptions.


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