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Sadous Hikeaki

Post by Dreamslayer on Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:29 pm

Name: Sadous Hideaki

Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader of Good

Age: 71

Class: Wood Elf Ranger

Alignment: Good


Personality: Strict, disciplined, Kind, Looks ahead not behind. His fighting style is fierce and his hatred of Orcs fuels his blows.


-Multi Fire
Multi Fire allows your character to fire more than a single arrow at a time.
As the skill rank rises, the number of arrows that can be fired simultaneously and their speed increases.

Cold Arrow
Cold Arrow enchants one of your character’s arrows to deliver additional
cold damage to an enemy, and has a chance to "freeze" the enemy temporarily. As the spell rank rises, the cold damage caused, the length of the freeze effect, and the arrow velocity increase.

Archery improves your effectiveness at causing damage against enemies when using a bow. As skill rank rises, damage caused by bow attacks increases.

-Critical Hit
Allows your character to strike at an enemies vital areas easier, causing more pain and damage with each attack. Can only be used once per Topic.

Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow enchants one of your character’s arrows to deliver additional poison damage to an enemy. It will also create a poison cloud around the target. The affected target continues to take damage over the duration of the poison effect. As the spell rank rises, the initial damage inflicted increases, as does the size, duration, and damage caused by the poison cloud created.

Healing restores your character’s hit points as if he or she had consumed a healing potion. As the skill rank rises, the amount of hit points healed increases. At higher skill ranks, the effect will have a radius, healing nearby friends as well.

-Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow enchants one of your character’s arrows to deliver an explosive fire attack against an enemy. As the spell rank rises, the fire damage caused and the radius of the explosion increase.

Entangle will immobilize an enemy for a short period of time. Higher skill ranks will increase its duration and the number of creatures your character can root at a time (with multiple castings of the spell), and decrease the chances for an enemy to break free prematurely.

Explosive Arrow
Explosive Arrow enchants one of your character’s arrows to deliver an explosive charge at enemies. As the skill rank rises, the damage inflicted increases. At higher skill ranks, the arrow will explode in a radius, causing damage to enemies near the target.

Weapon Melee:

Basic Spear:
A basic spear, a long wooden handle with a pointed metal tip at the end. Average Spear Length: 6-7 Feet.

Weapon Ranged:
Long Bow:
A more powerful bow then the average short bow, it is more powerful and able to punch through some types of armour while the short bow cannot as easily

Shield Type:
Large Circular Steel Round Shield:
A large Circular shield made of steel making it heaver but cannot catching fire and harder to break. Diameter: 5 Feet

Ring-mail Armour:
Another lightweight armour, but is louder making it harder to maintain quiet movement without shedding your armour. It can protect against more things then leather armour but still penetrated by many things.

Background Story: During his younger years Sadous was taught sword-play and the spear. He had what seemed to be an affinity to spear weaponry. His father noticed that and continued to train him to become more lethal in the ways to kill. He was born into a family of many sons and a single daughter. Their father wed the daughter away to strengthen the alliance. Later two of his brothers were sent out on a campaign only 1 returned, the 4 brothers that were left took the loss hard, later the three left to avenge their fallen brother, and all were killed. Sadous being the only heir now took up roles on how to run the estates and govern a country. He quickly learned and was already on his way before his father came close to death. When his father died from an Orc raid, the family was left in tatters, Sadous left to run the country did so excellently. After many years of running it he nows holds his position firmly in Kelethin. Leading the forces of Good and handpicking champions to fight.


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