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Occupations To choose

Post by Dreamslayer on Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:18 pm


A mercenary is one who serves or works for others as a means of monetary gain; a hireling. Generally, a mercenary has basic training in the ways of the Fighter class, and they prove useful in all endeavors that require man power.


A master of crafting weapons, armor, and other metalworks. Norraths best blacksmiths are found among the Dwarves. The biggest place of business for a blacksmith in Norrath is Rathe Mountains.


Someone who leads an unsettled life, never resting in one place for long; a vagabond.


Someone who travels by water and / or works on a ship.

Skilled Craftsman

A master of a professional trade such as boat-making, house-building, toy-maker, etc.


One who has no special designation, status, or rank. Your average member of society.

Bounty Hunter

A mercenary who hunts down wanted people or those with a price on their heads.

Scholar / Scribe

A writer or journalist, often works as a recorder of historical events and educator.


A person that entertains others for profit, whether by singing, dancing, telling tales or doing tricks. There are many performers in the streets and in bars.

Stable Master

An overseer of the stables with several stable hands working under them, in charge of training the horses and regulating breeding. The stable masters are often very educated in health care for the animals, acting as animal doctors for their stables. Kelethin is growing in fame for its stables and needs several stable masters at a time, but all cities have stables that need running.

Stable Hand

A person that works in the stables, tending to horses and dealing with people that wish to rent or buy a steed. There are jobs aplenty for stable hands in Kelethin.

City Guard

A member of the semi-militaristic or police forces in charge of maintaining order and enforcing the law.


A higher level guardsman in charge of giving orders to the city guard, doing paperwork, and watching over prison inmates.


A rare position of prestige, usually granted to a religious leader. These are the people in charge of teaching those wealthy enough to afford schooling. Some well-off, kind-hearted educators offer their services for free.

Weapons Master

A person specializing in teaching weapon skills such as sword fighting and archery. The Outdoor Training Arena now has extensive facilities for training and is in need of weapons masters.


One who secretly keeps watch on another or others, often hired. They are well practiced in the art of disguising themselves and moving silently.


The assassin is the master of dealing quick, lethal blows. Assassins also excel at infiltration and disguise. Assassins often function as spies, informants, killers for hire, or agents of vengeance. Their training in anatomy stealth, poison, and the dark arts allows them to carry out missions of death with shocking, terrifying precision.


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