Available Armours and Shields

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Available Armours and Shields

Post by Dreamslayer on Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:29 pm

These are the Shields and Armours that Monsters drop or you can start out with when you sign up.


Light Wooden Round Shield:
A simple wooden round shield, can be broken easily, can catch fire. Diameter: 3 Feet

Heavy Wooden Square Shield:
A much heaver shield, and much larger, can be broken and can catch fire. Length: 5 Feet, Width: 2 Feet

Small Steel Shield:
A small shield made of steel, heavier then wooden shields but harder to break, and cannot catch fire. Length: 3 Feet Width: 1 Foot

Large Circular Steel Round Shield:
A large Circular shield made of steel making it heaver but cannot catching fire and harder to break. Diameter: 5 Feet

Steel Tower Shield:
A large shield that covers almost the entire body, cannot be burned and is very hard to break. Length: 5and1/2 Feet, Width: 2 Feet.


Leather Armour:
A lightweight armour, used for swift traveling can protect the user from some things, but not many, manly used for swift and quiet movement.

Ring-mail Armour:
Another lightweight armour, but is louder making it harder to maintain quiet movement without shedding your armour. It can protect against more things then leather armour but still penetrated by many things.

Wooden Plated Armour:
A thick plating over your body, it is very hard to move in but is quieter then Steel plated armour. Cannot be penetrated by many things but is flammable.

Steel Plated Armour:
A thick plating over your body, cannot be broken easily, but it is hard to move in it, and is very loud with each step.


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