How to Sign up - READ THIS.

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How to Sign up - READ THIS.

Post by Dreamslayer on Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:36 pm


Gender: (Male or Female)

Occupation: (Choose from the list here


Class: (Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Shadow Knight, Wizard, Shaman, Berserker, Custom)

Alignment: (If your character is good, evil or neutral, you can only be a type if your class is this type.)

Looks: (Provide a description, use or a picture you have.)

Personality: (A Brief Description of how your character acts when role-playing)

Skills: (Choose Two if you are, Ranger, Barbarian, Shadow Knight, Berserker. Choose 3 If you are Shaman, Wizard, Custom class number varies. List Found here and here, )

Weapon Melee: (Choose one unless you include the Skill Dual Wield in your Application. Weapons List here

Weapon Ranged: (Choose One. Found in list here

Shield Type: (Optional choose from List here, may not use if you have a Double handed Weapon or using dual Wield Skill)

Armor:(Choose 1. From list here, )

Background Story: (DETAILS is the Keyword.)

Role Play Sample: (How you Role Play.)

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